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Volunteers are paramount to MLTV's daily operations and we welcome people of all ages and skillsets to share their time and talent with us! 


Do you have media or computer experience? Are you artistic? Are you a good copy writer or editor? Are you a detail-oriented person who likes to work on a team?  Are you good with database management? Would you like to handle social media connections?


We have opportunities that will fit your schedule - you can help us on a one-time event, create a weekly schedule, or work on a short-term project.

Some ways you can share your knowledge, skills and time at MLTV:

• Production assistant on community productions

• Production assistant on studio operations

• Office associate/database management

• Lend a hand at an event

• Mentor a new community producer

• Tutor a computer beginner

• Suggest a project you would like to work on and we'll try to make it happen!


To apply, please complete our online application:

MLTV Volunteer application here.

In addition, please submit a resume and cover letter to: 

General Manager


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