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At MLTV you will work in a expansive environment with a diverse mix of producers and a wide variety of interests. You can develop professional and practical skills working in every department, including our studio, post-production lab, field-production department, marketing and social media department, and our administrative office.


With an internship at MLTV you can acquire the skills needed to pursue a career in the multimedia technology, production, and marketing industries while providing important work for a community organization.


Join us at MLTV to learn more about digital media, television and broadcasting.


If you're looking to build your resume by spending time in a production environment with professional mentors, and gain real-world experience to complete your production education, then MLTV – MAIN LINE NETWORK could be the place for your next internship!

MLTV has hosted student interns from many local universities and abroad, including: 

• Villanova University    

• Conestoga High School

• Episcopal Academy  

 • Rosemont College

• Drexel University    

• Temple University

• Radnor High School    

• Shelly Berman Music School

     • Valley Forge Military Academy    

Join us for a semester of learning and fun! To apply, please complete our online application:

MLTV Internship application here


In addition to submitting an application, please send a resume and cover letter to to:

MLTV Internship Program

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