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Policies & Procedures

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein,

MLTV - Main Line Network reserves the right

to create additional requirements from time to time,

and/or to amend these policies and procedures.


Table of Contents


Section 1 -Introduction and Definitions


Section 2 – Membership, Fees & Representation


Section 3 – Certification, Training, and Assistance


Section 4 - Using our Studio, Editing Facility, and Equipment     

Section 5 – Responsibilities & Insurance


 Section 6 – Reproduction Digital Content   


Section 7 – Disciplinary Actions  

Section 8 – Policies Not All-Inclusive    

Section One Introduction, Core Values & definitions


1.    Introduction Mission Statement

MLTV - Main Line Network (formerly Radnor Studio 21, Inc. (“RS21”), an independent organization, facilitates Radnor, Lower Merion and  Narberth Borough& Narbeth, PA residents access to television production equipment, training, and descriptive programming to encourage civic engagement of residents, non-profits, schools, business, and cultural entities to produce locally relevant content, lending to the community-wide exploration of health, social, educational issues and to expand local interests in art, music, theater, dance, culinary science, and exercise locally. It is the mission of MLTV to provide public access TV services to a wide range and variety of Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth Borough community producers, volunteers, students and residents.


Vision Statement

MLTV-Main Line Network exists to provide and be the communication resource hub of the Radnor & Lower Merion and Narberth, PA community, complete with current digital technology, ongoing educationally current and instructional staff/ production personnel, student/intern production associates, volunteer programming, alternate daily program content, and a dependable supplemental revenue stream in order to output a wealth of cultural, entertainment, historical, healthy, and experimentally diverse programming to meet all of the multi-media needs of Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough.


General Information

The objective and purpose of MLTV-Main Line Network is to strengthen the community through increasing and enhancing communication among its residents. MLTV exists to provide Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth Boroughresidents and organizations with the tools and training needed to communicate effectively with one another with cable television and internet accessible content. These studio resources provide community members with a noncommercial forum for ideas opinions, information, and creative expression originating at the grassroots level. Programming includes public affairs shows and interviews, classical arts showcases, movies, world news, local sporting events, musical concerts and more. In terms of critical recognition, MLTV (as Radnor Studio 21) has been awarded local Emmy Awards and national Telly awards in recognition for locally produced works. MLTV aims to serve the public interest by providing an accessible communications outlet to inform, educate, entertain and encourage public discourse.



Established in 1999 as an independent 501{c)(3) public access cable television station, MLTV-Main Line Network is currently accessible to more than 240,000 Comcast or Verizon subscriber households in Delaware and Montgomery Counties, as well as parts of Chester County. MLTV-Main Line Network is one of the largest public cable access television stations in the United States, airing locally on Comcast and Verizon channels.  MLTV (formerly as RS21, Inc.) has been appointed by Radnor Township pursuant to the Cable Television Franchise Agreements between Radnor Township and Adelphia (1998), Comcast, and Verizon Cable Television to coordinate public access program, training, equipment, facilities, and program scheduling/cablecasting on Radnor cable Channel 21.


Non-Discrimination Policy Statement. - MLTV shall not discriminate in the delivery of services, use of channel space, employment, board appointment, or any other area of service or contract based on race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual preference, age, religious belief, social philosophy, economic status, or physical ability.

1.2 Core values of MLTV-Main Line Network

1.    Localism: Supports local viewpoints, perspectives and the interests of local communities. Most mainstream media programming is intended for national audiences and does not reflect the rich diversity of American community life.

2.    Diversity of Viewpoints-Participatory: Local residents and organizations must be able to make and telecast media that reflects local experiences. Our society is founded on a belief in freedom of expression and free speech. Democracy works best when a wide array of voices and opinions can be seen and heard.

3.    Promote Dialogue and Discussion: Community conversations are key to building a vibrant community. The telecasting of programs provides residents, government and non-profit organizations with critical information and creates an opportunity for dialogue around issues and concerns that residents and the community must address. We build community through media.

4.    Media Literacy: A basic tenant of civil society is that the lives of all members of the community are important, and all members of society should be able to represent themselves in the media. To represent themselves they need access to the electronic media tools to create content, the training to use the tools, and the mechanism(s) to distribute community content.

5.    Non-commercial: PEG access is an essential component in our public media ‘greenspace’ where, like a public park, we can reflect on who we are without the interference of commercial values.

6.    Civic Engagement: Many of the decisions that most affect our lives are made at the local level by the town’s boards and commissions and elected officials. Community media keeps the public informed about local government elections, about social services, about public housing, and other important local political and economic development activities.

7.    Education: Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access plays an important role in our educational system. It provides a distribution medium for use by schools, libraries and colleges; and it is especially important for education in low income and rural communities.

8.    Public Safety: In many areas PEG access channels provide for emergency information and community alerts.

9.    Electronic Greenspace: The PEG channels are our “electronic public green space,” where democracy is demonstrated through low-cost, televised community dialogue. In exchange for using the public right of way, cable companies share a part of their profits as “rent,” and these funds create an electronic public/private partnership for greater civic participation.

1.3 Definitions – The following definitions apply throughout these policies.


MLTV-Main Line Network – MLTV is the Public Access TV Channel (Comcast Channel 21, Verizon Channel 21, Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughComcast Channel 99 and Verizon Channel 34) operated by Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBoroughs respectively. Community Television may be referred to as "MLTV-Main Line Network" “MLTV”,  "us," and "we" in these policies.  MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 is managed by the MLTV General Manager, an employee of the MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc. The General Manager and other MLTV-Main Line Network Staff may be referred to as "Staff" or "we" herein.


Independent Producer - trained MLTV-Main Line Network user who develops a program’s concept and has the ultimate responsibility for the content of the program. Depending on the circumstances, one person may be both an access producer and an access user. An access producer and/or user must identify themselves to persons involved in productions as a volunteer and not represent themselves as an employee or representative of MLTV-Main Line Network.  The Producer is the person ultimately responsible for the making of and content of a TV program.


MLTV Producer-The MLTV Producer is responsible for all people working on the program, all equipment used in making the program, and making all arrangements with MLTV Studio Channel 21. The Producer is solely responsible for the content of the program. Other MLTV Producer responsibilities are defined throughout these policies.


Sponsor –  Anyone who submits a program to be played on MLTV Studio Channels is considered the Sponsor of the program if they did not produce the program themselves. The Sponsor is solely responsible for the content of the program, just as if they had produced it themselves, and must have permission from the program’s actual Producer or copyright/license holder to cablecast the program. 

Resident Sponsor -  Persons having a residence or principal place of business, employment or education or other substantial involvement in community activities in Radnor, Lower Merion and  Narberth Boroughor   Narberth BoroughBorough are qualified to be members of MLTV-Main Line Network

A legal resident or company registered in Radnor Township, Lower Merion and   Narberth BoroughBorough or   Narberth BoroughBorough is able to sponsor a

non Radnor, Lower Merion and  Narberth Boroughor  Narberth Boroughresident who wishes to be a participant in the activities MLTV-Main Line Network.  Resident Sponsors are required to provide proof of residency, and acknowledgement of willingness to sponsor with the General Manager of MLTV-Main Line Network.


Viewing Area  –  For the purposes defined in this handbook, the MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 viewing area includes those municipalities and wards within Radnor Township (Garrett Hill, Rosemont, Strafford, Villanova and Wayne) where MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 can be viewed on the tier of Comcast and Verizon cable systems, including , and parts Lower Merion and Narberth, and other municipalities. Municipalities outside of Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBoroughs where MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 is seen on the digital tier, or on the Internet - but not the analog tier - are not included in our viewing area for purposes defined in this policy handbook.


Volunteer –  A volunteer is any person involved with the making of a TV program who is not the Producer or MLTV-Main Line Network Studio Channel 21 Staff. Volunteers are not responsible for the content of the program – such responsibility is solely the Producer's.


Program, Educational Access – An Educational Access program is any program produced, directed, engineered, and otherwise made and/or sponsored by or for an educational institution or a representative of one. Educational Access programs are not played on MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21. MLTV is independent and not associated with Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough’s Educational Access Channel.


Program, Government Access – A Government Access program is any program produced, directed, engineered, and otherwise made by government agencies or employees including, but not limited to, the city’s TV Coordinator and other Staff. Government Access programs provide a means of communication between units of government and their constituents, and/or provide other public services through the medium of cable television. These policies and procedures do not necessarily apply to Government Access programs and their Producers. MLTV is independent and not associated with Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough’s Government Access Channel.


Program, Public Access – A Public Access program is any program produced, directed, engineered, and otherwise made and/or sponsored by a member of the general public. Persons wishing to produce or sponsor programs to be cablecast on MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 must be residents of the MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 viewing area or must be official representatives of a group or organization that is located or headquartered in the MLTV-Main Line Network Channel 21 viewing area.


1.4 Operating Hours-MLTV-Main Line Network business/office  hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. MLTV-Main Line Network access hours for production activities: Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Main Number     610-687-5189              |  

After Hours       610-505-2751

MLTV-Main Line Network is Closed on Sundays and official holidays.


Section Two Membership, Fees, & Representation

2.1 Eligibility - Any resident of Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough or official representative of an organization registered in Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough may request training, become public access users and/or producers, reserve the studio, reserve remote equipment, or request MLTV-Main Line Network channel time. They may be required to show proof of residency or membership in an organization in the member town. Producers and users must be Certified. Certification is granted following appropriate completion of designated MLTV-Main Line Network. Training Workshops. A signed Statement of Compliance and Waiver of Liability form or Request for Cable-cast Time and Producer’s/Sponsor’s Agreement and Indemnification form as applicable and User Fact Sheet must be on file at the facility before use of equipment and/or facilities will be considered. This states that the user understands these operating Policies and Procedures and agrees to abide by them. Non-residents of a member town or persons who are not an official representative of an organization in a member town are only eligible to produce programs through coordinated agreement with MLTV Senior Management.


2.2 Access Users Less than 18 Years Old -MLTV serves Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough community members of all ages. Users under the age of eighteen cannot be held to any legally binding agreement and, therefore, will be subject to the following conditions:

Statement of Compliance and Waiver of Liability - If the user is less than 18 years of age, he or she must have a Radnor Township parent or guardian cosign her/his Statement of Compliance and Waiver of Liability form. The cosigner will be responsible for any damage to MLTV resources, facility or equipment as well as the behavior of said minor while he or she is utilizing MLTV resources, facility or equipment.


2.3 Membership - All persons, firms, corporations, businesses, organizations, institutions, and other entities in Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough who subscribe to the purpose of MLTV Main Line Network, and who wish to support MLTV by participation shall be eligible for membership in the Corporation.

A. Types of Membership  

1. Individual (Resident) Members shall have the following privileges:  

* receipt of monthly Newsletter and schedule information;  

* ability to cablecast programs at no charge;  

* access to workshops and use of equipment;  

* be eligible to receive technical advice and/or assistance from MLTV Main Line Network staff for program production.  

2.    Family Memberships shall be issued to up to four persons within the same household (at the same address) who apply together for membership. Persons joining MLTV, Inc. under a Family Membership shall have all the privileges of Individual Membership.

3. Non-Profit Organization Membership shall be available for any firms, corporations,  organizations, or other entities recognized as non-profit, tax-exempt by the IRS. Groups joining MLTV, Inc. under non-profit membership shall have all the privileges of Individual Membership. Non-Profit organizations are eligible to receive training for up to seven (7) people per membership year with training for additional people available by arrangement. In addition, Non-Profit Organization Members may receive specialized group training by contacting the MLTV, Inc. General Manager.  Sponsorship for each individual non-profit membership is required.

4.    Institutional Memberships shall be available for any Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough Institutions and other publicly funded departments or for-profit bodies. Institutional Members are eligible to receive training for up to ten (10) people per membership year with training for additional people available by arrangement. In addition, Institutional Members may receive specialized group training by contacting the MLTV, Inc. General Manager. Annual sponsorship for each institutional membership is required.    


2.4. Membership Fees   Individual and Family may require sponsorship.  The Board of Directors of MLTV, Inc. may elect to establish membership fees, which shall be published annually.  


2.5. Requirements of Membership   In order to become a member of MLTV, Inc., a person or organization must meet all of the following conditions:  

* provide proof of Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough residence or corporate address in Radnor or Lower Merion and  Narberth Borough(Post Office Boxes are not acceptable);  

*complete a Membership Application Form;  

*sign the Agreement with these Policies and Procedures;  

*pay any required membership fee.  x must be 18 years of age or older.

*complete MLTV Production Orientation Class


2.6. Term of Membership   All memberships are recognized as active for a one-year period from the date of application. Membership must be renewed on each member’s anniversary to maintain access to services and equipment.  Membership renewal requires completing MLTV Production Orientation Class to update skills on newly acquired equipment and technology.

2.7. Representation  

Members do not represent MLTV, Inc. and should refrain from implying such representation. False representation of MLTV, Inc. may result in suspension of membership privileges. Such false representation might include (but not be limited to) statements such as "I am producing for MLTV, Inc..." or "I work at MLTV, Inc....". A Public Access Producer may inform interested persons that he or she is "a volunteer Public Access producer, working on my own TV program which may be utilized as programming content by MLTV, Inc.” or words to that effect. Only employees of MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc. can officially represent MLTV.  



3.1    Any individual, family, or organizational member which meets the conditions set forth in     Section Two is eligible for training. The prerequisite for all members at MLTV, Inc. is     an Introduction to Video Production Workshop, a 1-session, overview course in TV     program production. Workshops are given under the direction of the MLTV staff or by a person appointed at the discretion of MLTV.  


3.2 Certification as a PUBLIC ACCESS PRODUCER is awarded upon completion of the 2 hour-    session Producer Training Course. Certification as a PUBLIC ACCESS     VIDEOGRAPHER is awarded upon completion of the 2-session Videographer Training Course. Certification as a PUBLIC ACCESS EDITOR is awarded upon completion of the 2-session Editor Training Course. Workshop schedules are posted on the MLTV Website and Community Bulletin Board. Those wishing to take classes must sign up for them on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge for these courses.  


3.3 MLTV membership is required to enroll in courses and workshops. Enrollment in workshops  or classes is on a first-come-first-served basis and limited to a designated number of participants per session. Classes/workshops will be held only at appointed times. Training is offered to familiarize with production concepts and to ensure proper technique and care are used when handling MLTV equipment and resources.  


3.4 Individual instruction may be arranged with a corporate or organizational group (limited to 10) by appointment with Senior Management.  


3.5 Volunteers with previous video production skills may, at the discretion of MLTV Senior Management, bypass certain training and become certified with appropriate  demonstration of video skills.  


3.6 Members who have not used a piece of equipment or resource for two (2) years or more will need to be recertified before a reservation can be made. Producers may test out of training per the discretion of MLTV Senior Management. Proof of competency in any subject may be required to test out.

Section Four Use of our Studio, Editing Facility, and Equipment

4.1 Scheduling Technology – Equipment and facility use is scheduled on a first come, first     serve basis for access producers and members in “good standing” (active certified     members). All certified access producers must submit a program proposal that describes     the program intent, technical requirements, and proposed certified crew.     If an individual is not in good standing, or deemed not to be in good standing, the     scheduled time slot becomes available for scheduling of other programs or projects.


4.2 Good Standing – Being in “good standing” means the    producer has no infractions,     maintains active membership status (dues paid), is certified in all workshops and     completes and submits the appropriate required paperwork by the posted deadline.


4.3 Request Submissions  - All paperwork is to be submitted 14 days prior to use or     production  initiation to allow for proper scheduling and approvals when needed.


4.4 First-time use - Any certified member may reserve MLTV, Inc. studios for a one-hour     session to produce a program to be cablecast on Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio     Channel 21. We will provide one staff member or qualified volunteer (at our discretion) to     operate the equipment. If you require or desire more than one person's assistance, you     must provide your own technical crew. Technical crew provided by members must be     certified and attended appropriate classes.  For first time users, an editor will be     provided to complete studio interviews. Producers will be responsible for their own post     production editing by a certified editor each time following.  Crew members     accompanying Access Producers are to be certified production crew. After first time use,     if Access Producer can have an MLTV employee edit their studio produced video,     charge of $30/hour. Access     Producer will be invited to participate and learn the     process.  


4.5 Non-resident Fee – Non-Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth Boroughresidents, community or non-profit     groups, when sponsored by a Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughResident in advance of scheduled     production time, can utilize MLTV, Inc. studio and editing services for a Usage Fee of     $50/hour, paid upon project completion. Completed content will not be utilized or     released before services are fully compensated to MLTV, Inc.  Sponsorship for non-    residents is to be received seven (7) days (or 168 hours) prior to scheduled studio or     production time.  


4.6 Reserving our Studio and/or Editing Facility - Certified Resident Producers in good standing are limited to 60 minutes of studio equipment or field production equipment per week and accompanied by 60 minutes post production time to complete content and deliver to MLTV, Inc. for digital distribution.     Reservations may be made no more than one month (30 days) in advance and no less than one week (7 days or 168 hours) in advance. Walk-ins are not allowed. A Producer     may only use the studio and/or editing facility to produce one program at a time. Editing  facilities are used only for content created using MLTV, Inc. technology.  Priority will be  given to production of weekly and/or monthly Public Access series programs with  reserved cablecast time slots. Priority will then be given to production of other Public Access programs. Certified Producers may reserve more than one session if necessary,     provided content is weekly in nature and a minimum of four (4) programs will be  produced in the extended studio session. Cancellations of reservations for studio, editing     facility, and/or equipment use will be made at least 36 hours in advance.  All persons using our studio, editing facility, and/or equipment will follow these policies     and those posted on our premises or be subject to disciplinary action. All studio and  editing sessions will take place during our normal hours of operation. Studio or     equipment access will not be scheduled before 9:00am or after 4:00pm, Monday through  Friday.


4.7 Equipment - Equipment provided by Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21 for any studio session will (if available) include:       

A. Two studio cameras     

B. Three microphones connected to an audio switching/mixing system.       

C. Pre-hung studio lights.       

D. and blank media to allow recording for the 60 minute usage time. A list of other equipment available for use in our studio is available to Certified Producers     who wish to reserve such equipment. The request for this equipment should be     submitted to Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21 with initial studio reservation.  Only Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21Staff and Certified Producers and  Volunteers who are qualified (as determined by Staff) may operate MLTV, Inc.  equipment.


4.8 Portable Equipment - Some portable equipment, which may be removed from the Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21 premises, will be available for checkout by Certified     Producers who have reached the certification level required to operate that equipment.     Such equipment might include camcorders, tripods, microphones, audio mixers, lights,  etc.  Equipment released will be verified in working condition prior to release.  The     Certified Producer is responsible to confirm equipment’s working condition prior to     departing MLTV, Inc. Equipment will only be released to Certified Producer responsible     for reservation.  Certified Producer will sign equipment release form to confirm     equipment condition.     


All portable equipment will be returned to MLTV staff no later than 24 hours after pickup     (or Monday, 9:00am for weekend use). A $100 security deposit, payable in cash or     check, is required of anyone checking out portable equipment. Security deposit will be retained for anyone in violation of return deadlines. The security deposit is to be made to  MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc.  before the equipment leaves the studio  premises. MLTV, Inc. may, at its option, withhold and/or debit the security deposit to pay     any late fees owed or to repair or replace any equipment that was damaged while it was     checked out.   


Producers are financially responsible for any damage to or theft of Radnor & Lower     Merion Studio Channel 21's equipment while it is in their possession, even if the     equipment does not leave our facility. Should a piece of equipment be damaged, the     damage will be assessed by Staff and charged to the Producer with privileges     suspended and any security deposit withheld until payment for repair or replacement of     the equipment is received.  Producers are responsible for any claims arising out of their     use of Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21's equipment and/or facilities and     agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21,     the servicing cable system, the Radnor & Lower Merion Townships and  Narberth BoroughBorough and its employees,     and any volunteers involved with the production of their program against any such     claims or any claims arising out of the use of the material in their program to be digitally     distributed by Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21 or any breach of the signed Program Responsibility Form and/or Statement of Compliance with Radnor & Lower     Merion Studio Channel 21 Policies, including, but not limited to, any claims in the nature     of libel, slander, invasion of privacy or publicity right, noncompliance with applicable     laws, and unauthorized use of copyright materials.


4.9 Acknowledgment of Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21 - Anyone using our     studio, editing facility, and/or equipment will include a graphic at the end of their     program, immediately following the end of the program content or any end credits, which     clearly reads as follows: Production Facilities provided by Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio     21, Inc. (Year of Production)


4.10 Rights to the Program - Radnor Studio Channel 21 reserves the following rights to any program produced using MLTV, Inc. studio, editing facility, and/or equipment:     

1. The video, digital or DVD master is the property of the MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc.     

2. MLTV, Inc. may digitally distribute the program at MLTV, Inc.’s discretion.     

3.Digital distribution or use of content produced using MLTV, Inc.’s studio, editing and/or equipment requires permission from MLTV, Inc.     

4. MLTV, Inc. may use the entire program or edited portions of the program as a promotional tool for Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21 or as an instructional tool.     

4. MLTV, Inc. holds the rights to make and distribute or sell a copy to anyone who requests one. After the program is scheduled to be cablecast on Radnor & Lower Merion and  Narberth BoroughStudio Channel 21, the Producer may purchase a copy of the program. The Producer will then have the right to make and sell other reproductions from their copy, to submit  their copy or copies to other cable or broadcast stations to telecast, or to do whatever else they want with their copy. MLTV, Inc. will keep all video, digital and DVD masters for  at least one month after the program’s first cablecast date. We will not guarantee how long we will keep the master after that, if at all. Producers who wish to purchase a copy of their program are encouraged to do so as soon as possible within that one-month  timeframe.


4.11 Program Content – Each community    producer must    submit    a completed program    proposal for studio and/or field production and certify that the content complies with  MLTV, Inc. guidelines. All program content shall be non- commercial in nature and shall not make any reference to the acquisition of a product or the promotion of a service or event. The community producer must secure signed talent releases and written permission from copyright holders for audio, visual or written material used in their program, regardless of the “fair use” test and must provide copies  to MLTV, Inc., upon request.


4.12 Programs must not contain:     

• Any material that is obscene, libelous, or slanderous or knowingly violates any federal, state or local laws;     

•  Lottery, gambling or pari-mutual schemes;     

•  Material designed to promote the sale of products or services; or promotions and endorsements for individuals seeking public office;     

•  Solicitation of funds; or,     

•  Materials or performances that require copyright or trademark authorization unless written authorization for the use of such material have been secured.


4.13 Program Liability Community producers and content providers must sign a statement of compliance as part of the application process prior to submitting a program or series to be televised on or digitally distributed by MLTV, Inc.  Program content is solely the responsibility of the     producer.     Producers must identify themselves graphically at the end of their program.  Producers must state their name, contact address or phone and email address for questions and/or     comments.  Fictitious names shall not be used unless intended for creative and     theatrical performances during a production.     Users of the production facilities and equipment at MLTV, Inc. must conclude each     episode with the following in the closing credits:     “The proceeding program was produced at the production facilities of MLTV - Main Line Network Inc. or with the use of television field equipment from MLTV, Inc. The views and  opinions expressed are not those of the Radnor Township, MLTV - Main Line Network Inc., or its  staff.”


4.14 Scheduling Conflicts – MLTV, Inc. is committed to maintaining adequate resources for  community producers’ use as scheduled. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond the     control of MLTV, Inc. staff may result in requested equipment not being available at the     time requested.

Examples include, but are not limited to:     

•  Equipment failures;     

•  Equipment unavailable due to maintenance or repairs; and,     

•  Failure by a producer to return equipment on time. MLTV, Inc. will make every effort to notify producers prior to the scheduled time, when an  unanticipated circumstance affects equipment availability.  MLTV, Inc. staff is not responsible for programs (digital media) damaged, lost or stolen.  Food and Drink Food and drink are not allowed in the following areas:     

•  Studio;     

•  Studio production control room;     

•  Final Cut Pro edit suites;     

•  Ingress/egress workstations; or,     

•  Any location where production equipment is located.     




5.1    Agreement with these Rules and Procedures is a prerequisite to using equipment.  


5.2    Public Access producers are responsible for the MLTV facilities and equipment signed out to them, as well as for the actions of their talent, crew, guests, and any others involved with their production.  


5.3    MLTV has an insurance policy for the equipment while it is used by MLTV employees, volunteers, and interns. Premiums are paid by MLTV and the policy is in MLTV's name. In the event equipment is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, the Public Access Members are responsible for the entire cost for replacement or repair.


5.4    In case of theft, in order for the insurance company to honor the claim, the Public Access Members are responsible for the following:  1. A police report must be filed immediately;  2. Equipment cannot have been left unattended;   3. Equipment cannot have been left in a car overnight; and, 4. There must be proof of forcible entry.  

In the event MLTV's claim is not honored by its carrier, and Public Access Members are  found to have failed to take reasonable precautions to protect the loaned equipment, it is     the responsibility of the Public Access Member to reimburse MLTV for the full  replacement value to be determined by MLTV.


Section Six Reproduction of Tapes and DVDs


6.1 Reproduction of recorded programs – MLTV, Inc. may make and distribute or sell copies of any digital content produced by anyone using our studio, editing facility, and/or equipment. The following rules will apply:

1.    We will not copy, allow to be copied or give permission to download, in part or in its entirety, any program until after it has concluded scheduling programming on the digital outlets of MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc.

2.    The fee for making a DVD copy or providing a digital copy is $25. The fee must be paid upon copy request, before the copy is made.

3.    There will be no refunds. MLTV, Inc. will not make copies of any other programs other than those produced at/by MLTV, Inc.


Section Seven Disciplinary Actions


7.1 Disciplinary Actions – MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc. reserves the right to refuse  services on a temporary or permanent basis, or otherwise initiate suspensions of services, disciplinary  actions, sanctions, or otherwise legal action against individuals or organizations interfering with or jeopardizing MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc’s  operations or otherwise violating MLTV’s policies and procedures under which we provide training, equipment, facilities, channel time, and other services.  


7.2 Suspension of Privileges - The use of MLTV, Inc. facilities and equipment is a privilege     that is available to individuals and organized     groups who are certified to produce    programs to telecast on MLTV, Inc. access channels and digital outlets. Therefore,     MLTV,     Inc. reserves the right to refuse access on a temporary or permanent basis     and/or     pursue disciplinary or legal actions against individuals or organizations that     violate the policies and procedures and/or jeopardize the safety and well-being of staff     and other community users. Below is a list of major and minor and violations. This list is     not inclusive and MLTV, Inc. reserves the right establish rules to govern a safe and     productive working environment.     Upon committing a major violation, an immediate ninety-(90) day suspension shall result.     A subsequent suspension within the following six months will result in a one-year     suspension.

Major violations include:           

1. Disruptive or disorderly conduct;           

2. Possessing  or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs;           

3. Making false, slanderous, misleading, or fraudulent statements;           

4. Falsely representing oneself as a Radnor Township resident or employee of the  MLTV, Inc.;       

5. Abusing, vandalizing, or stealing MLTV, Inc. equipment, media, or facilities;           

6. Dismantling, rewiring, or re-configuring production equipment;           

7. Allowing unauthorized persons to use MLTV, Inc. equipment;     

8. Failing to adhere to program content guidelines;

9. Using MLTV, Inc. facilities for purposes unrelated to the production of programs for  cable channel 21and,           

10. Misrepresenting a program’s content and category; including the promotion of an  event, and the verbal or graphic mention of the acquisition of a product or service;         

11. Failure to return equipment on time. The aforementioned list is not inclusive.


7.3 Grievance Procedures & Conflict Resolutions - Any community producer or organized     group with a complaint about programming, and to appeal a disciplinary action taken     against him or her for violations of and non-compliance with MLTV, Inc. policies and     procedures, may seek action by contacting (in writing) the General Manager of MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc.     The policies and procedures governing MLTV, Inc. operations shall be made available to     all community producers and users. For downloads, they are posted on the MLTV, Inc.     web site at


Section Eight Other Policies and Procedures


8.1 Unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors, MLTV will not have more than one full time exempt employee (GM) and one-part time non-exempt employee (Production     Assistant).  The General Manager is a full time exempt employee, reporting to the Board of Directors, working at least 35 hours a week on MLTV business as described in the     approved position description and generally in the Bylaws and Operating Policies and     Procedures documents.        The Production Assistant is a non-exempt part time employee, reporting to the General     Manager, working 20 hours a week and with prior approval by the GM, working more than 20 hours a week at the same hourly rate, on business as described in the approved     position description.       Unless approved by the Board of Directors, no full time or part-time employee, or any         volunteer or intern, will have an employment contract or any other document that     conflicts with Pennsylvania’s right to work or employment at will regulations.


8.2 Policies Not All-Inclusive – MLTV - Main Line Network, Inc. Board or MLTV Senior     Management may establish other rules, policies, and procedures as deemed necessary     to ensure fair and non-discriminatory public access to the MLTV’s channel, equipment,     facilities and digital platforms without regard to the content of programming.  

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